Editor Policy

Publsh’s editorial personnel carefully examine every press release before it is distributed. A press release must be relevant and accurate in order to be published. Please follow these guidelines to streamline PR evaluation and distribution on our platform. It is critical to have a clear and newsworthy angle in press releases, and to refrain from spam or advertisements.

No Errors

In order for a press release to be published, it must contain relevant and accurate information. In order to streamline the PR evaluation and distribution process on our platform, please follow these guidelines. To make a press release newsworthy, it is crucial that there is a clear and interesting angle. Also, refrain from spamming or advertising in your content.

Formal Approval

A valid email address and telephone number should be included in the contact information of press releases submitted to Publsh. Prior to distributing public relations content, Publsh sometimes requires formal approval from a company representative. Particularly for companies that make notable announcements or use publicly traded ticker symbols. The consent of an executive is required for independent representatives of network marketing companies.

Multimedia Content

There is no limit on the number of words or multimedia content that can be distributed through Publsh. Although press releases of between 450 and 500 words have a better chance of being published. Press releases that are too long will be trimmed by editors. For multimedia, we recommend selecting a hero image or video (main visual) and providing links to additional visuals. Multiple images or videos are not routinely published by news sites.

Fake News

Publsh censors any content intended to negatively impact the reputation of an individual or group. We also seek to eliminate fake news. When the source is credible, we often work with PR on public policy, politics, and other complex issues. PRs should avoid excessive rhetoric and speculation and accurately attribute opinions.

Prohibited Content

The Publsh editorial staff retains editorial discretion to omit press releases that we deem inappropriate for distribution. We refrain from publishing content that promotes alcoholic beverages, betting activities, casino gaming, poker etc. The publication of content pertaining to sexual enhancement products or remedies is also prohibited.

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