How will Meta’s Threads change businesses?

With Threads becoming of the biggest apps out there with over 100 million sign ups, the social media industries are in doubt. If we could go back in time and take a look at the growing use of social media in businesses around the world, we would understand how drastically some companies changed with the change in marketing strategies. The use of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter became a necessity for almost every field and companies created optimal teams for social media management.

Twitter created a huge impact in multiple industries, especially how news and journalism operated on a social media platform. In other product and service-based industries, twitter acted like a medium to connect the people to the product. Campaigns that served as a liaison between connected customers and the values of the company. The biggest campaigns were carried out by beauty products, healthcare companies and sometimes even the collaboration of two unexpected polar opposite brands which made it all the more interesting.

Despite all of that the ongoing debate on Threads vs Twitter is an interesting one. We have witnessed how Facebook became less of a priority for marketers when Instagram came into business and has only seen upward progression in terms of usage. Twitter on the other hand has been a reliable source of discourse, conversation and exchange of ideas. Studying data, analytics and algorithms become crucial for marketing and public relations agencies and many ideas came out of it. An abundant number of trends came out from following algorithms, social media marketers observed what time, medium or even type of content generates most attention.

Threads was launched on 6th July and in less than 15 days created a volcanic eruption in media industries and the obvious yet hilarious war between Musk and Zuckerberg. The biggest brands have created accounts of the platform and even started posting relatable content having the verification advantage from their existing accounts of Instagram. Looking at the policies of threads we see accounts receiving more benefits than they did on Twitter. Threads allows a character limit of 500 whereas Twitter has capped it at 280. Video format has been widely popular with the reel trends and taking advantage, threads has given users a limit of 5-minute uploads while Twitter lack there too at a limit of 2 minutes 20 seconds.

Threads is emerging as one of the most successful mobile applications in history with an abundance of features those other platforms lack with the privacy guidelines of Instagram which is already a mega success. With well known brands such as Nike and Reese’s sign up in the first week, threads appear to be on the brighter side of the internet with more and more people signing up each week. According to statistics threads will gain more popularity in the coming months and with the changes in market-policy as discussed by the threads team will create more space for e-commerce and sellers in the industry.