Even though many large organizations have an in-house public relations team, it is nowobserved that major companies are now relying on smaller PR agencies for their brandpromotions. But what is the role of an agency and what do they do exactly? Public Relationsis a filed of media that connects people to the product. PR is a medium for a product to reachits buyer through a network of sources. Simplified, PR is essential for businesses to become
more visible, reliable and relatable.

Coming to the next segment, why do big companies need small PR agencies to replace their own in-house teams? There is plethora of reasons why the trend of using startups and smaller agencies is becoming more and more popularized in a global scenario. Benefits such as cost effectiveness and increased creativity are predictable yet accurate responses to the question.
The reasoning however lies in a different direction that includes the agility and target expertise of smaller Public Relations agencies.

Newly emerging Public Relation agencies are generating creative strategies accustomed to the target audience while understanding the market. When major companies pick their medium for publicity, they do their research on what agencies best understand their product and their target demography. This can only be achieved by a local team working alongside a specific population which even multinational companies lack. The relatability factor
increases and the optimal usage of local media channels comes into play. Another reason for this is the flexibility and agility of smaller firms. These types of firms understand the client first and cater to their needs. Having higher flexibility in such arenas is suitable as companies first priority remains client satisfaction, meaning, their success relies on the product success.
Understanding becomes a key factor when there are so many stakeholders attached to a product. A public relations associate weaves a plan that caters directly to all these stakeholders while maintaining the integrity of the product. The localized connections of an established firm become crucial to companies who work in a global setting and want to seep deeper into the markets of various cities.

Public Relations – in other words is not limited to press releases and media coverage but connecting to the audience of a region with the help of various mediums including influencers, social media channels and other medium that are traced in the minds of the audience. Therefore, big companies use smaller and newer agencies along with their own teams to launch or promote a product or service in various markets.