More news is consumed on social media than anywhere in 2022

It is an undisputed fact that the world is moving towards consuming more things online. One may still argue the satisfaction of holding a printed newspaper or the ritual of watching the 9 pm news. However, one cannot deny the appeal of online news’ flexibility, and adaptability that has combined the power of print, video, and audio mediums. Add social media to the mix and suddenly, we are all consuming news in a completely new way. In a post-pandemic world, online news consumption has cemented its place in our daily habits.

Social media has emerged as a major source of news in 2022

Research conducted by Pew Research Center in the US showed that 50% of adults get their news from social media. News is consumed regularly on Facebook (31%) and YouTube (25%) followed by other networks like Twitter (14%), Instagram (13%), TikTok (10%), and so on. The report will not be different for the UAE market. Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) has reported that UAE residents spend 8.36 hours online every day — nearly two hours more than the global average of 6.58 hours. Global Media Insights have noted in their 2022 Social Media Statistics that in the UAE 99% of the total population are Internet users, and 33.7% use social media to read news stories.

How does this affect news distribution and PR?

Social media is only a means of distribution. The appeal of social media is that news is now recommended and shared. While this could breed an environment of fake news, there is huge potential in tapping the medium. The source of news is still the reputed media houses, blog posts, online news channels, podcasts, and social media accounts of journalists and media houses.

Facebook has recently revealed in its guide to creators that distribution on Facebook is fundamentally about matching creators’ content with users who like it. This gives a good sense of how news articles should be framed or created. The question should not be ‘what do I want to say about my business?’ but ‘what do consumers want to hear from my business?’ 

In its essence, this is not very different from how you would approach PR traditionally. However, the intensity and competition for eyeballs have multiplied manyfold.

Simply put

  1. Ensure that your message is crafted in a way that appeals to your target audience to like and share.
  2. Ensure that your press release reaches the most media houses in your target location and ensure that you get guaranteed coverage.
  3. Create shareable social media posts about the announcement by picking the best online news coverage.
  4. Ensure that you create content in text, video, and audio format for easy consumption on digital news outlets and social media. 

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