The confluence of digital marketing and public relations

In the connected world, the lines between marketing and communication channels are blurring. Even today, many companies consider digital marketing and public relations two different streams with different budgets, scope of work, and ROI. However, as the idea of the content, the publishers, and the media has evolved, we see a lot of synergies between traditional PR and digital marketing.

Visible ROI

Digital media has provided access to a lot of insights into the target audience. Traditionally, while PR was all about getting your message in the media, you can now see how your message is being consumed and get real-time feedback. While the traditional newspapers, magazines, and news channels are still relevant, the life of articles on these platforms has increased with their online versions and social media channels. Media builds credibility and social media drives audience engagement.

Building backlinks for better SEO

Public Relations has always been about getting endorsements from reputed people or channels. A search engine also recognizes a website’s reputation similarly. The more people back-linking to your website, the higher you will rank on the search engine. Top news sites will link back to your content only if the content was valuable to their repertoire. This means that your content should be similar to what is published on these sites and should also have a unique perspective.

Social media and influencers

In the digital world, news sources are not limited to news agencies. Social media has given the power to the people to be publishers themselves. Hence both journalists and influencers have used this powerful medium to get your message across. The way brands and businesses interact with journalists has also changed with social media. Journalists are following brands and what they have to say on their social media channels and using them as sound bites for news articles.

Multimedia and storytelling

Creating engaging content is still vital for digital marketing and public relations. Having an expert content creator is the cornerstone for a successful brand outreach. Content is also consumed in multiple ways – text, video, podcast. Creating the right mix of content with a powerful message can help the audience be persuaded, engaged, and finally be converted to a customer.

Final thought

Creating PR and digital marketing plans in silos can result in diluted brand messaging. The results can be short-sighted affecting your overall marketing goals. By combining traditional PR and digital marketing you can achieve greater results in half the cost of running separate campaigns.